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Going Big in 2018 – New summercollection!

Our brandnew Summercollection 2018 offers a huge variety of new toys for your fingers.! “Go big or go home!”- This year we extended our Ästhetic Line as well as our Organomix Line with a lot of new sets. Also in the Training Line we designed a new mobile training-hold called “Ronin”. Bottomline is that we [&hellip


Fresh!- Sommerkollektion 2017

Unsere neue Sommerkollektion 2017 bringt wieder einmal viel neues Spielzeug für Deine Finger. “Go big or go home!”- Dieses Jahr haben wir sowohl unsere Ästhetic Line als auch unsere Organomix Line mit vielen neuen Sets für Euch erweitert. Herausgekommen sind sehr vielfältige Griffserien die sowohl optisch, als auch haptisch jeden Routenbauer inspirieren werden. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY! [&hellip


Wintercollection 2015/16

Trotz des schönen Herbstwetters haben wir wieder viel Zeit investiert um feinste neue Griffe zu shapen. Herausgekommen sind drei Griffsets die allesamt mit hochwertigsten Double Texture Details aufwarten können. Nun ist es endlich soweit! Wir können Euch die neuen Shapes unsere Winterkollektion 2015/2016 vorstellen. Diese drei neuen Sets bieten Dir jede Menge Möglichkeiten! Candice XL – Die [&hellip


Out now! The wintercollection 2014/15

A lot of time passed bye since we put our hands first time on the raw foam of the new shapes. Constantly carving, sanding, drilling over and over again till we had the best products in hands. Therefore we are really proud presenting you now the freshly shaped Winterkollektion 2014/2015. Eight new sets of holds [&hellip


Outdoor 2014 – New summercollection

Curious? We spent many hours int the WATAAAH lab shaping the future. We will present our new summercollection at the OUTDOOR-Exhibition. If you want to see more than just a glimpse through the keyhole, then meet us in Friedrichshafen (10.-13. Juli 2014: Hall B2, Booth 217). We are looking forward to meet you


Release winter collection 2013/14

We were busy shaping and developing the premium winter collection 2013/14. The new sets were shaped, trimmed to perfect measures and trained for your climbingwalls. Your: Candice/ Jeísa/ Bar/ Oluchi/ Kelly/ Jill/ Heidi/ Emanuela/ Shiraz/ Myka/ Liebelsberg/ Kentheim


WATAAAH! Warriors

Fighting is much easier in a brigade! For that reason we backed up our team with the WATAAAH! Warriors. Each warrior represents and fights for his serie of holds and the common goal of sustainable climbingholds.   Reinhart – steeled in the battle with the forces of nature. The defender of the Nature- Serie! Vicky – the [&hellip


WATAAAH! needs you!

We are competing at the ISPO BRANDNEW AWARD. If you think WATAAAH! is the ” HOTTEST BRAND ” we would be really happy if you support us by voting under the following link. Just click the like button of ISPO BrandNew and then vote for WATAAAH! &nbsp


WATAAAH! holds at the legendary Arco Rockmaster

At the Arco Rockmaster this September the Athletes could proof their climbingskills at the holds from WATAAAH!. In the semis as well as in the finals of the bouldering competition, chief routesetter Jacky Godoffe trusted the holds of WATAAAH! to create unique problems. We are proud to be part of this special and historic event. [&hellip

Nachhaltigkeit! – Was wir unternehmen

Sustainability!- What we do

We thought about how we can explain what sustainability means for us. In short: we consider the environmental, social and economic aspects of our actions and consider what they mean for the future and what kind of consequences our decisions might have. This is our benchmark for how we produce, which materials we use, where [&hellip