Transformer Board

There are several myths around the Shaolin warriors. But one is for sure, it is their hard and disciplined training that helps them to develop this unbelievable strength!

The Transformer Board offers you a new dimension when it comes to Fingerboard Trainings. This is the worlds first rotatable Fingerboard!

More bodytension, symmetric training, various gripping positions, – from warm-up holds to small crimpers and fingerpockets, this trainingdevice offers you everything you need to boost your Finger-/Armpower with the “Shaolin factor” over your Wintertrainingseason!

Besides the motion mode you still have a fixed mode where you can bloc the rotation and train in a way which you are already used to!

The Terrence Set offers you a perfect addition where you can train single fingers or fingerpairs in a very specific and efficient way!


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In the motion mode you can train your muscles not isolated, but much more specific in cooperation with each other. This Training challenges your body tension and helps to get a better intermuscular coordination.



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